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Guinness Unplugged
NO FEE FOR REPRO..Pictured here is model Baibe toasting to the winners of the "Guinness Unplugged" competition from Brady's Pub in Shankhill, Co Dublin. "Guinness Unplugged" competition asked bars all around the country to capture their Arthur's Day celebrations, in a bid to win an exclusive gig with a top act. Following a thorough judging process, Brady's Pub in Shankhill, Co Dublin, has been crowned the winners entitling them to an exclusive gig in the pub with top Arthur's Day act, 'Noah And The Whale' in December. The entire bar, including the bar staff, the furniture, the decor and even the food was transported back to the 1700's, as tribute to Arthur Guinness and his enduring legacy. . Pic Robbie Reynolds / CPR.